​Auston, Kacey              #xxx

Bahnson, Linda              184

Benavidez, Gloria           143

Bertz-Rosa, Susanne     175

Boyd, Sean                   125

Caglia, Dominique         176

Ciancetti, Susan            170

Classic, Carol                 137

England, Sally               111

Hassett, Ron & Kelli       161

Hauser, Robyn               176

Herb, Dave & Rhonda    172

Jack, Ken& Margaret      154

Johnson, Betty              121

Johnson, Michelle          182

Johnson, Ranee            183

Jost, Lynn & Donna       173

Littlerfield, Arthur          113

Mathurin, Janice            158

Pasillas, Frank                188

Perez, Brian & Lupe       169

Powell, Diane & George  122

Rodriguez, Gaby            150

Solomon, Paula             165

Starkweather, Jeri         

Taylor, Larry                  163

Wilkinson,Ian                177

Withrow, Laura             146

Vandenberg, Addrienne 112

Zephir, Mimpose           133

Up coming events being considered:

Breakfast meeting in early March at a nearby restaurant.

Spring ... date not firm yet—wine tasting at Ficklin Vineyards in Madera. Check out this award winning winery at

Summer ...Dinner and music at a local restaurant to be determined.

Christmas...appetizers and wine at Rhonda and Dave Herb's, and others.

Submit other ideas to Sally England at 259.5574 or


The Friends of Huntington Park is an informal group of resident homeowners committed to enhancing the quality of life within and around Huntington Park Village through community building.

A social meeting was held February 10, 2017 at the home of Sally England for the purpose of meeting new members, and to develop the Spring activities calendar. The planned events will be posted on this page and on the bulletin board at each mail kiosk.