Residents of Huntington Park Village participate in the Neighborhood Watch program sponsored by the Fresno Police & Neighborhood Watch Association. The initial meeting January 25, 2017 was conducted at the nearby IHOP restaurant by Crime Prevention Officer Paula Chute. We are still in the process of setting up the process for Huntington Park Village. Each participating resident must join the watch by signing up at Nextdoor makes it easy to communicate with your neighbors about suspicious activities and to interface with the police officers patrolling our area. 

Each neighborhood website is password protected and private to you and your neighbors. Members must verify that they live in the neighborhood before they can join. All your personal information is secure, and never shared with advertisers or third parties.

An added benefit of Nextdoor is that it is easy to communicate with your neighbors about other matters, services, handymen, doctors, etc. You will be seeing "Neighborhood Watch" decals place in our windows. Help keep our community safe, join the "watch" and put a decal in your windoW.